Over the past few years we have been interviewing, gathering work, and designing ‘I used to be a design student’ our first ever book as authors/editors/designers due out on February 2013. The book looks at the process a designer goes through in finding their ‘voice’. We asked fifty influential designers to give us the low-down about their student days and their professional lives. A piece of their college work is shown alongside an example of current work. Each designer also offers a key piece of advice and a warning, making this a must-read for anyone embarking on a career in design. Topics addressed include how ideas are researched and developed; design and other cultural influences, then and now; positive and negative aspects of working as a designer; motivations for becoming a designer; and whether it's really possible to teach design. Awarded a Bronze at the ADC (Art Directors Club) für Deutschland and a Certificate of Typographic Excellence at the TDC (Type Directors Club) in New York. Reviewed on Brain Pickings, It’s Nice That and
Fast Company Design . Order online at Laurence King, amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, amazon.de, or ag books for the Korean edition.
Contributions from Andreas GnaSs (U9 visuelle Allianz), Andrew Stevens (Graphic Thought Facility), Annelys de Vet, António S. Gomes (barbara says...), Ben Branagan, Bernd Hilpert (unit-design), Brian Webb, Christian Heusser (Equipo), Daniel Eatock, Danijela Djokic (Projekttriangle), Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi), Éric & Marie Gaspar (ÉricandMarie), Fons Hickmann (Fons Hickmann m23), Hans Dieter Reichert (HDR Visual Coomunication), Holger Jacobs (Mind Design), Hoon Kim (Why Not Smile), Hyoun Youl Joe (Hey Joe), Isabelle Swiderski (Seven25), James Goggin (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago), Jan Wilker (karlssonwilker), Julie Gayard (Jutojo), Kai von Rabenau (mono.graphie), Ken Garland, Kirsty Carter (A Practice for Everyday Life), Kristine Matthews (Studio Matthews), Lars Harmsen (MAGMA Brand Design), Laurent Lacour (Hauser Lacour), Liza Enebis (Studio Dumbar), Lucinda Newton-Dunn (space-to-think), Maki Suzuki (Åbäke), Marc van der Heijde (Studio Dumbar), Margaret Calvert, Marion Fink, Martin Lorenz (TwoPoints.Net), Matthias Görlich (Studio Matthias Görlich), Michael Georgiou (G Design Studio), Nikki Gonnissen (Thonik), Oliver Klimpel (Büro International), Paul Barnes, Prem Krishnamurthy (Projects Projects), Renata Graw (Plural), Richard Walker (KK Outlet/Kesselskramer), Sandra Hoffmann Robbiani (Visual Studies) , Sascha Lobe (L2M3), Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister Inc.), Sven Voelker (Sven Voelker Studio), Tim Balaam (Hyperkit), Urs Lehni (Lehni-Trüb, Rollo Press), Yasmin Khan (Counterspace), Yves Fidalgo (Fulguro).
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To celebrate our anniversary we’ve printed ‘Inbox’, a set of three posters with a selection from ten years of incoming mail. This is a representative selection, not just the positive or amusing ones, but also the bad, the confused, the dull and the ridiculous, each one an inseparable part of the design process. (Comes rolled in a cardboard tube.)
PayPal £10 / set of 3 posters (RED/GREEN/BLUE) / 420×594mm (A2)
Reviewed in the CReative review Blog + cool hunting + slanted + Page + THE NAKED COPYWRITER

featured in Idea No.340 + Selected A + the CR Annual
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Three sheets of giant writing paper.
(Comes rolled in a cardboard tube.)
paypal £5 / Set of 3 sheets / 500×707MM (B2)
Susie and Edward are a couple. Edward is a Columbo fan. Susie isn’t. But that’s not the problem. —A typographically illustrated story involving a wise crab, a separation and lieutenant Columbo. Awarded at the TDC Type Directors Club Tokyo awards.
Paypal £5 / paperback / 80 pages / 80×130mm
Featured in Selected A + Tokyo TDC Vol 20
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Stanley hadn’t been home in a while. His brother-in-law has a moustache. Everything is different. Stanley doesn’t like it. —A typographically illustrated story involving an old dog, some melancholy, and an irritating, blonde moustache. Awarded at the TDC Type Directors Club Tokyo awards.
paypal £5 / paperback / 80 pages / 80×130MM
Reviewed in the Creative Review Blog + COOL HUNTING + Designer’s Review of Books
featured in Selected A + Tokyo TDC Vol 20
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Victor had broken his shell. So, armed with love and a steady supply of lettuce, Susie decided to nurse him back to health. —A story about caring, mending and letting-go drawn with letters and punctuation marks. Awarded at the TDC Type Directors Club Tokyo awards. (This item is now sold out).
paypal £5 / Paperback / 72 pages / 80×130MM
Reviewed in Creative Review Blog + Cool Hunting + Designer’s Review of Books
featured in Drawn! + Made & Sold + Selected A + Tokyo TDC Vol 20
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Notebooks with six different lined patterns and colours. Gold cut on the long right edge of each notebook and golden staples. Comes in a see-through bag. N.B. Only notebooks #3 and #6 are available, the rest are sold out. Please specify which type(s) you want.
paypal £3 each
FEATURED IN swiss miss + MADE & SOLD
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